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The Mina de Malfois fan community
14th-Dec-2012 05:23 am - Minafic posted
Anthea slashing
Loose Canons on Deck
Author: Kadorienne AKA mosellegreen
Fandom: Mina de Malfois
Summary: Josh has been flooding fandom with old paper 'zine fics, and Mina is suspected of pseuicide.
Notes: Thank you to Grey Bard, invaluable humor consultant and beta reader, and to Mina for allowing me to play with her toys.
The next couple of days, I don’t mind telling you, were somewhat strained. Initially at least, being confined to barracks did nothing for the general morale of the convention, and neither did the likelihood that we were all sleeping under the same roof as a cold-blooded poisoner. It rather took the joy out of one’s morning coffee. At least, however, I had somewhere to lay my head. PrinceC had solicitously offered me a bunk, as had Warr1or (not that I would have accepted; I wasn’t speaking to him just at that moment), but upon submitting myself to the hotel’s front desk, I found to my alarm that there was already a room booked in my name, and paid for. With my own credit card.Collapse )
Well, I might be a bit late to the party, but here in honour of Halloween is an AU murder mystery. Hope you enjoy!

Mina de Malfois and the Death of the Author: Part 1.Collapse )
20th-Mar-2009 06:19 am - PrinceC and an Excess of Chech'tluth
Quidditch kiss
Okay, this is the beginning of a small series of altpov!fics. Takes place between parts two and three of Mina de Malfois and the Young Blood. Please ignore this if it's that bad. *somehow doubts this will be declared mock-canon like other fanfics do*

beneath the cutCollapse )
16th-Oct-2008 10:29 am(no subject)
New t3h_poker fic up. Now with annotations; just hover your mouse over the underlined text.
15th-Aug-2008 10:54 am - Pseuicide Game
I just wanted to let people know that there will be a new Pseuicide Game on my LJ tomorrow starting at 9 AM EST (New York time zone).
For those who don't know what it is, basically I post something really wanky and people are free to get as absurdly upset about it as they want. We've already played this game twice: I commited pseuicide and posted a controversial article. Great fun was had by all.
The rules for the game are here.
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