Grey Bard (grey_bard) wrote in mdmfans,
Grey Bard

A Paen to Sanguinity (a song) by RavenKelVamp

Metanote: Dammit. Not two months in this fandom and I'm writing crackfilk in the persona of a swoony vampire lover. Why is this my life?

Author: RavenKelVamp

Composer's Note: This song, to the melody of Mr. Whedon's Serenity, was inspired by my soul deep love of Sanguinity and our community which have been so good to me, recent events not withstanding

Vampires, slaves of love
Beauties like the mourning dove
Cruel yet breathtaking to see
Soar beyond simply earthly
See their world, darkling fair
Secrets, magic in the air
Swirling in a sparkling sea
Of luscious ambiguity
In the heart you'll find the key
To the wonder of Sanguinity
Soar beyond simply earthly...

Tags: filk

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