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Mina Puppets Master List

Is anyone keeping track of lj accounts that are actually characters in Mina's stories? I started with coming accross elizabeth114 and have been trying to find others. The list I have so far includes journals that are definately part of the story, that simply have the right names, related communities, and journals that ought to exist.

Created to be part of the story:
mina_de_malfois-(duh!) IS the story.
elizabeth114-link to BalletChic fansite and 1 entry. Has posted in this community. Maintains the confanlitcon community.
ciyerraoftyana-2 entries. Not a ghost, but trying very hard to contact BalletChic's spirit.
warr1or-only has interests so far...
stasiamarlow-1 entry, BalletChic fan
liz_darkheart-PrinceC fan, writes fic.
archivist12-1 entry. We have an arc!
joshamos-1 entry.  Mysterious.

Could be part of the story, or someone's unused journal:

Real people (presumably) with convenient names that elizabeth114 has friended:

confanlitcon-run by elizabeth114
minions_de_mina-another place to read the fic
mdmfans-you are here

Please tell me who I'm missing. Also, if you are not Mina and created one of these, it would be cool if you let me (or her) know. You don't have to let everyone know who you really are, but if you're willing to put up plot related entries, she would probably like this. If your real journal appears here and you want it removed from the list/want random people to stop friending you just for your name, let me know.

ETA: This is linked from Mina's journal now.

Because I was bored, you can find all the entries here , starting with number 3.

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